The Atlantic Council of Albania was founded on June 4, 1994 by a group of intellectuals from various fields of activity of the Albanian society of the very hectic period of time of the beginning of the post-communist democratic changes.

The first President of the Atlantic Council of Albania (by the former name Albanian Atlantic Association) was Mr. Alfred Moisiu, who in 2002 was elected as president of Albania until 2007. (Photo)

From July 2002, the President of the Atlantic Council of Albania is Dr. Arian Starova, a Member of Parliament since 2001 and a former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania and now Deputy Minister of Defense. The ACA has 4 vice Presidents :

Mr. Aldo Bumçi, Former Minister of Justice

Mr. Luan Rama, Former Minister of Defense and former Minister of Interior, now Adviser to the Vice Prime Minister

Mr. Musa Ulqini, Former Member of Parliament

Mr. Petrit Karabina, Former Deputy Minister of Defense

Mr. Glori Husi, Security Adviser to the Prime Minister

The Executive Secretary of the Atlantic Council of Albania is Mr. Kristaq Birbo, former Adviser to the President of the Republic of Albania .

The names of the Steering Forum of the Atlantic Council of Albania are:

Dr. Arian Starova, Mr. Petrit Karabina, Mr. Aldo Bumçi, Mr. Luan Rama, Mr. Glori Hysi, Mr. Kristaq Birbo, Mr. Ardian Turku, Ms. Rushen Golemi, Mr. Dhimitër Ndrenika, Mr. Remzi Kruja , Mrs. Natasha Shehu, Mr. Agim Binaj, Mr. Agim Barçi, Mr. Ilir Zhilla, Ms. Mirela Moisiu, Mr. Neritan Alibali, Mr. Remzi Lani, Mr. Halil Rama, Mr. Agim Barçi, Mr. Teodor Laço, Mr. Kristaq Pilo, Mr. Kudret Shalësi, Mr. Eduart Gjoni, Mr. Stefan Naumov, Ms. Iris Halili, Dr. Dhori Kule, Mr. Ilir Binaj, Ms. Nada Kallçiu, Mr. Adri Nurellari, Mr. Beqir Menzelxhiu, Mr. Edmond Leka , Mr. Ilir Kokeri, Mr. Hajredin Fratari, Mr. Muharrem Bregu, Mr. Bastri Ruka, President of the Youth Atlantic Council of Albania, Ms. Orinda Malltezi, Mr. Art Elezaj, Mr. Reshit Bedhia, Mr. Haki Shehu, Mr. Thimi Hudhra.

The Atlantic Council of Albania has a Scientific Board, whose members are:

Dr. Arian Starova; Mr. Aldo Bumçi, Mr. Petrit Karabina, Mr. Luan Rama, Mr. Glori Husi , Mr. Kristaq Birbo; Ms. Orinda Malltezi; Mr. Soriraq Hroni, Mr. Adri Nurellari, Mr. Agim Barçi

There are about 4000 members of the Atlantic Council altogether all over Albania .

Aim and priorities of ACA :

To educate and inform the public concerning the missions and the responsibilities of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

To conduct research into various issues in security field.

To promote the solidarity of the Albanian people and peoples of the North Atlantic area.

To promote democracy, security and stability.

To encourage permanent cooperation between all the relevant interior and international institutions for a better achievement of such purpose.

The main activity of the Atlantic Council of Albania is its annual international conference. The 15th conference was held on 14 December 2012 in cooperation with Conrad Adenauer Foundation.

The Atlantic Council of Albania has got extensive experience in undertaking studies over different issues of security.  In March 2009 published the study: “On the way to the full membership of Albania in NATO and beyond, Challenges” supported by the US Embassy in Tirana.

On November 14th to 16th 2011, the Atlantic Council of Albania was the hosting organization of the 57th General Assembly of Atlantic Treaty Association for the first time in Albania, in which participated delegations from about 40 countries.

The ACA has organized three polls on the public support of NATO in Albania, and has continuously organized as well as public lectures with distinguished Albanian and foreign speakers.

Honorary Presidents

Prof. Dr. Sali Berisha, Prime Minister, former President of the Republic of Albania (Elected in June 1994)

Dr. Alfred Moisiu, 1 st President of the ACA, Former President of the Republic ( Elected in July 2002)