The Atlantic Council of Albania Publications


1. “The new solutions and the stability factors in Balkan” – 1996
2. “Balkans after Dayton Accord” – 1997
3. To contribute for a sustainable peace in Balkan” – 1998
4. “Possible alternatives and ways to collect weapons in Albania” – 1999
5. “NATO and Albania” – 1999
6. “For a peaceful Balkan in the new century” – 2000
7. Dr. Arian Starova : “On Kosovo, the Albanians’ national cause” – 2000
8. “Balkan’s economic development, an important factor to maintaining peace and security in Balkan” – 2001
9. “The so far experience in the collection of weapons and the most efficient way in the future” – 2001
10. “Human security and control of arms in Albania” – 2002
11. “Strengthening the cross border relations and understanding, an important element for the stability in the region” – 2003
12. “NATO in the face of new challenges to the international peace and security” – 2004
13.“The new security challenges of the Euro-Atlantic community from the point of view of the Western Balkans”- 2005
14. “International cooperation for peace, security and prosperity in South-Eastern Europe” - 2006
15. “NATO in Brief” - 2006
16. “In view of a sustained security and development in the Western Balkans” - 2007 On the way to full Membership of Albania and Beyond: Challenge - February 2009 (full publication here)
17. “NATO missions and operations in brief” - 2009

Handbooks with analyses on surveys on the Albanian public opinion on the issue of support to NATO and its role :
The first survey involved university and secondary school students on the issue of Albanian’s membership in NATO, in 1996.

The second one involved the Kosovar Albanian violently displaced from their homes on the issue of their confidence and trust in NATO’ operations, 1999.
The third one was conducted to asses the level of information and awareness of the Albanian public opinion about NATO following the conflict In Kosovo., 2001.